Three Pires Undergrads Present Their Work At MU and John Hopkins University

Pires lab annual Ice Cream Party!

Dr. Chris Pires named 2017 Eisenstark Faculty Fellow

Dr. Abraham Eisenstark served as Director of the Division of Biological Sciences from 1971 to 1980. During his tenure at MU, he received both the Byler Distinguished Professor Award and the Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of his scientific and teaching excellence. He currently is Professor Emeritus of Biological Sciences as well as Research Director for Columbia’s Cancer Research Center. Dr. Hartman established this endowment in recognition of the positive impact Dr. Eisenstark has had (and continues to have) on multitudes of students and the contributions he has made to the Division. In addition to honoring Dr. Eisenstark, Dr. Hartman wished for the endowment to enhance and strengthen MU’s position among its peers in the American Association of Universities (AAU) by recognizing and rewarding outstanding faculty who, like his mentor, excel in teaching, research, and service. AAU universities are key players that set higher education and research agendas for the nation, and MU’s membership enables significant impacts in Missouri and beyond.