Life Science Week and Undergraduate Research Forum

The Pires lab undergraduates started the summer big with TWO posters presentations back to back! Check out their work below! This was especially exciting as it was a first poster presentation experience for Brandin, Evan, and Carson!

Sarah G. presented her work on Targeted Genome Engineering Using CRISPR/Cas9 in Brassica oleracea (mentored by Makenzie Mabry).

Brandin G. presented his work on Big Data Revolution in Plant Science: Affordable Remote Sensing using Raspberry Pi’s (mentored by Makenzie Mabry).

Evan G. presented his work on Breeding the Dog of the Plant World: Development of Doubled Haploid Brassica oleracea (mentored by Makenzie Mabry).

Carson P. presented his work on Gluosinolate Diversity in Kale (Brassica oleracea): Implication in a Missouri Environment (mentored by R. Shawn Abrahams).

Julia B. presented her work on Elucidating the Multiple Independent Whole Genome Duplicates within Brassicales: Whole Chloroplast Phylogeny (mentored by Makenzie Mabry).

Three Pires Undergrads Present Their Work At MU and John Hopkins University

Pires lab annual Ice Cream Party!